DesertMoonFire's Den


Name: Kristin Marie Smith

Home: McMinnville, Oregon

Born: November 17th 1975 in McMinnville, Oregon

Family: I was born to Rodney Lyle and Lynnette Marie. I have a younger sister named Kari who is now married and has a daughter. I live with my Grandmother who is 82 years old. She would kill me for that...and most of my family is here in the McMinnville area.

Pets: I have two cats named Katya and Salem.

Interests: I love to camp, hike, fish, read, watch movies, and do various arts and crafts such as crocheting blankets and counted cross stitch and Native Amercan Beadwork.I also write poetry and read alot of books.

Favorite Foods: Italian and Mexican

Favorite Colors: Greens, blues, purples, teals, and black.

Favorite Movies: The Crow, Armegeddon, Ever After, Kate & Leopold, Practical Magic.

Miscellaneous: I am a pretty laid back kind of person that enjoys going to the beach and stuff but I also enjoy kicking back with a movie or reading books. I am kind of a homebody as in I don't get out very often but I find that I keep myself busy with various projects I have such as counted cross stitch pictures for gifts, crocheting blankets mostly for gifts, and this webpage is another thing I have started on.

Contact information: You can email me at and I will respond as soon as possible.