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Crocheted Blankets
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This blanket is called Clusters & Shells. It is one of the few styles of baby blankets I have done.

This one is a Puff & Lace ripple. It is one of the more difficult blankets I have done but turned out beautifully.

This is the most recent blanket I have done and is called Tender Hearts. It is a very easy pattern to do and makes a pretty big blanket for a baby.

This blanket and the following one are both Puffs & Lace. These two blankets come out to fit the top of a Full or Queen size bed.

Same pattern as above just in a different color scheme.

This is a Varigated Ripple blanket. It is another one that comes out to fit a Full to Queen sized bed.

These are a few of the blankets I have done in the past year. I am always making them and if anyone is interested I can be reached via Email at