DesertMoonFire's Den


This is a photo of me taken on November 13, 2002

This is a more recent photo of me taken on January 18, 2004. I am lucky that I don't really seem to age much.

This is my pup Sara in August guarding the keg of beer at a friend's wedding at their family reunion in August. I would have loved for this to be an ad for Budweiser but they don't take photos they say. I was forced to give Sara up but this picture remains on here for the memory of a wonderful pup and great companion.

This would be my spoiled rotten cat named Katya.

And this is Salem. He is the more lovey dovey cat that will let you maul him and rough him up.

I hope you enjoy the pictures. I now have pages of Oregon scenery set up. You can see how pretty it is here where I am from.