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The lines had been drawn
And then they were crossed
No going back
To what was lost
The tears are shed
In a moment of dread
And fear rides high
Like the winds that sigh
And the angels cry
For all of those who were lost
In an act of war
Please bring us peace
So we cry no more

Faerie Prince's Dream

Stars of the night
Cry in delight
Above a sparkling sea
Of tranquility
The moon shines bright
Once the sun goes down
A Prince walks the beach
With his Faerie crown
Watching the waves
Hoping to find
A beautiful maid
With hair of spun gold
Alone in the night
Out in the cold
So he looks upon the waves
And makes his wish clear
For a maid of golden hair
And eyes of bright green
A beautiful smile
Of a pearly sheen
So he looks around
And what does he find
But a maid on the beach
Wandering the night
The moon is full
And he takes off his crown
To kneel before the maid
With the eyes of bright green
To pledge his love clear
For all to be seen
This Faerie Prince
Has found his dream.

Sweet Surrender

You look at me
With those bright green eyes
Nothing left for me to be
Not even a surprise
Your words
Whispered in my ear
Thoughts and feelings
Made oh so clear
Keep me in your pocket
Keep me in your mind
I put your picture in my locket
You are never far behind
You made your wish
You prayed it would come true
I guess I was your fix
When it mattered most to you
Now you come back
Whisper softly to me �please�
I need your sweet surrender
I am begging on my knees.


Blue like the sky
Blue like the tears in your eyes
The moon and the night
Stars and the light
Next to the sea
The waves crashing on the beach
Laying on the sand
Wanting to hold your hand
Gaze into your eyes
Like the stars in the sky
Touching your lips
With the brush of my kiss
Being held by you
Under a sea of stars
Tranquil deep blue
What a wondrous view
Blue like a sea of tranquility
The stars glowing softly
Listening to your heart beating
Watching the waves
Hoping you�ll stay
With me
By the sea
And a sky of deep blue
Your love so true
Always and forever
To be with you
No longer blue


Fallen out of touch
Can't sleep for thinking too much
Wonder where I am supposed to be
Where's the life I am supposed to lead
Why'd you have to make me forget to dream
What does she have over me?
I watch and wait behind the lines
Wondering how I lost the time
All are words upon a screen
But still cut deep for one unseen
Fallen in the light and out of touch
I missed my chance
Didn't ask enough
The time is gone
I have to go
Fallen down
By another blow.

Our Disease

All the death
All the destruction
Just to get
Some country to function
Our heroes dying
Their families crying
Fighting for peace
Is more like disease
Our President lacking
Our country slacking
The war not helping
Anyone's country
Financial dissolve
Fight to resolve
Faces blurring
The lines uncertain
Stop the war
Can't take no more
Everyone falls
We all are poor
Can't cry no more


Not enough time in the day
Or hours in the night
To take back what was said
And make things all right
I meant what I said
When I cared about you
I think we misread
What we wanted to do
I can't leave this alone
Or get you out of my mind
Wondering where I went wrong
Or was it the wrong time
I didn't mean to make you mad
Or come across crude
I just wanted to understand
More about you
Everything I have told you
About me is true
If you want me to go
And walk away from it all
Then just tell me to leave
I won't bother you at all
I would hate to see it end
Before it gets a chance to start
Cause I really do like you
You do pull at my heart


If you could walk a million miles in someone else�s shoes
If you could amaze people the way you think you don�t do
If a picture paints a thousand words
And a dream is just a thing that wishes only make come true
Then where are all the miles between me and you
I�ll walk your way until you find me
I�ve been right here all the time
Not just a memory
Look ahead and don�t fall back
Walk my way along that path
I�m as real as one can be
All those miles don�t mean a thing


If I could wish
Upon a thousand stars
My only wish
Would be for you
The nights would last
A million hours
And all the dreams
Came true
I would hold onto forever
And pray that things never changed
Walk upon the water
And dance upon the rain
I�d find you on that moonlit beach
And take your hand in mine
Watch the waves crash upon the beach
And flood the sands of time
The whisper of the wind
Your heartbeat is so clear
I�ll never let go till the end
I want you as my lover and my friend

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